Shark Christmas card

Shark Christmas card


I know I say this a lot about the species I draw but sharks really are seriously amazing. They are perfectly adapted apex predators that have all the same senses as us, plus the ability to detect the electrical currents running through fishes’ bodies so they can pick them out from under the sand, and pores in their skin that detect vibrations in water, allowing them to locate injured, thrashing fish for an easy meal after a long day.

Despite all that, white sharks are still listed as Vulnerable thanks to being caught as bycatch by us humans. Some conservation sites have been identified and recovery plans are in place, though with a generation length of 53 years, results won’t be seen in the short term.

- 14.8 x 14.8cm (5.8 x 5.8in)
- Recycled card and envelope
- Biodegradable cellophane sleeve
- Blank inside for your own message

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