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about wild lines

Hello, and thank you for visiting Wild Lines! A zoologist with a passion for art and conservation, I create unique wildlife artwork for people who are passionate about the natural world.

Jen Parker, Wild Lines artist, holding hand-drawn elephant artwork

I'm Jen Parker - the artist behind Wild Lines. I produce characterful wildlife artwork in thousands (or millions!) of lines and dots by hand using pen and ink on paper, sometimes with the addition of watercolour and digital finishes.

Before starting Wild Lines, I studied zoology and wildlife conservation. During my post-graduate diploma in endangered species recovery, I was lucky to work on a number of incredible conservation projects, and learn about many more! 
My inspiration always comes from the natural world and my illustrations feature lots of endangered animals, as well as popular wildlife species.


Each of my animal subjects has its own charm, and I hope that the eco-friendly animal greeting cards, detailed wildlife art prints and unique gifts for animal lovers will bring a pinch of nature-themed joy and wonder to their recipients.


It is my mission to encourage people to engage with nature and consider ways we can protect and conserve the biodiversity around us. Art can be one of the best ways to share a love for the natural world and evoke a sense of optimism about its future. There are so many things we can do to help save endangered species - starting with appreciating and sharing the beauty we see in ecosystems both at home and afar.


I take every opportunity to collaborate with wildlife conservation organisations and regularly donate to wildlife charities. If you would like to discuss a project, please do get in touch.

If you would like to learn more about my journey, please visit the blog.

My green promise

I am very environmentally conscious and aim to keep the carbon footprint of my small business to an absolute minimum. I only use UK-based printing companies and have chosen those that provide high quality products while driving green values.​

All Wild Lines greetings cards are as sustainable as possible. The cards (both colour pop cards and luxury gold foil cards) and envelopes are made of FSC certified recycled paper and packaged either naked or in compostable sleeves made of vegetable starch. Our marketing materials, including the free bookmark sent with online orders, are always printed on recycled paper.

Our illustrated notebooks and advent colouring books are made of recycled paper. Art prints are printed on sustainably sourced paper and packed with recycled backboards in compostable sleeves. 
Fabric products like t-shirts and tea towels are printed on high quality organic cotton.

The products are made to last and we package them carefully in hard-backed envelopes. From the tape to stuffing, all of our packaging for both direct to customer orders and wholesale orders is fully recyclable (and recycled, where possible).


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