Red squirrel Christmas card

Red squirrel Christmas card


I hope you can tell this squirrel is red, not grey, based on its ear tufts (which grow bigger in winter!) Luckily for this little guy, red squirrels are very talented gift-finders and can locate the nut-based goodies they buried months earlier in over a foot of snow.


Until the introduction of its larger, non-native relative, the grey squirrel, the red squirrel was fairly common across the UK. The grey squirrel outcompetes the red squirrel and is a resistant carrier of a nasty disease – squirrelpox – that kills red squirrels. 


If you are lucky enough to live in an area where red squirrels are clinging on, you can consider feeding them in your garden. This is only recommended if you don’t have grey squirrels nearby and your garden is very close to squirrel habitat. Feed them a small selection of nuts every few days from a carefully-positioned feeding station to supplement their natural diet.


- 14.8 x 14.8cm (5.8 x 5.8in)
- Recycled card and envelope
- Biodegradable cellophane sleeve
- Blank inside for your own message