Pine marten Christmas card

Pine marten Christmas card


One of the rarest native mammals in the UK, the pine marten spends most of its time amongst tree branches, sometimes stopping for a rest in a bird’s nest, under rocks, or in a nearby Christmas stocking.


With the relentless destruction of woodland, the pine marten’s population plummeted over the centuries. The species has made some recovery in Scotland and Ireland, but in England and Wales, numbers remain very low.


The Pine Marten Recovery Project was launched in 2014 to conserve the mustelids. Pine martens have been translocated from strongholds in Scotland to carefully chosen spots of woodland further south in an attempt to foster self-sustaining populations. 


- 14.8 x 14.8cm (5.8 x 5.8in)
- Recycled card and envelope
- Biodegradable cellophane sleeve
- Blank inside for your own message