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African painted dog art print

African painted dog art print


Bold, eye-catching and tasteful: introducing the characterful A4 art print featuring an intricate African painted dog pen drawing with a bold purple background.

  • From the expressive eyes to the soft fur, this unique print captures the essence of these captivating creatures with great precision and attention to detail. With its vibrant colour and detailed linework, the African wild dog pen drawing is a work of art guaranteed to bring joy and personality to your home.

    Whether you're an animal lover or an art enthusiast, the African painted dog print is a charming addition, sure to add a touch of character and make a statement in any space. Hang the wall art as a focal point in a hallway, living room or office that could use a pop of colour.

    Wild Lines animal art prints are professionally printed on high quality, textured paper, ready to be framed and hung in the perfect spot in your home. The detailed, realistic wildlife artwork also makes great gifts for wildlife lovers.

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