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A5 lemur notebook

A5 lemur notebook


Introducing the ring-tailed lemur notebook, which features a different animal drawing every time you turn the page.

  • A top gift for wildlife lovers, Wild Lines illustrated notebooks include a great variety of intricate hand-drawn animal art decorating the inside pages. From the Rodrigues fruit bat to the Philippine crocodile and polar bear, many are endangered animals. The lemur notebook makes a great gift for zoologists and conservationists, too: the animal artwork is realistic and species-specific.

    The eco-friendly A5 notebook is made entirely of high quality recycled paper and features a different animal illustration on every double-page spread. Pages are lined in a muted shade of the cover colour, with the addition of a few blank and grid pages at the back.

    The notebooks are available with four different covers: the Livingstone's fruit bat (blue cover), giraffe (orange cover), meerkat (purple cover) and ring-tailed lemur (green cover). Each style contains the same illustrations inside, including the honeybee on the inside front cover and orangutan inside the back cover.

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