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Why you should stock greetings cards in your shop

In the dynamic world of retail, where every inch of shelf space counts, the charm of a carefully curated collection of greetings cards can be a secret weapon for engaging customers. Not only can a beautiful display of greetings cards be a work of art in itself, brightening up the space and enhancing the shop’s aesthetic, but they are handy revenue boosters, too. Here are a few reasons why greetings cards can be a brilliant addition to your shop’s offerings.

They bring joy

When searching for the perfect greetings cards, a customer has their loved ones at the forefront of their mind. They imagine how the recipient is going to react to the card, which is so much more than the paper it is created with. Customers (me included!) will spend a frankly ridiculous amount of time browsing the shelves to find the perfect birthday card design for one particular person, or the perfect Christmas card pack for their nearest and dearest. Add greetings cards to your store, and you will spark smiles and bring a whole new level of joy and connection to the shop floor.

They offer an opportunity for uniqueness

There are thousands (millions, even?) of greetings card designs on the market. This offers a brilliant opportunity for you to stand out from the high street with your beautifully chosen collection of cards. Your card display will amplify your shop’s style and values, as well as your unique customers’ preferences. We all know that a card display bursting with quality designs from independent card publishers is enough to make a shop famous in its town!

They attract return customers

Once your shop has a reputation as the place to go for greetings cards, customers will be returning again and again, every time there is an upcoming Birthday, celebration or holiday. Not only will this be good for greeting card sales, but the customers will likely browse your beautiful shelves while they are inside – and better yet, those who come through your doors for a card will probably already be in a warm and gift-buying mindset when browsing your other products.

Wholesale animal greetings cards by Wild Lines

They can be a life-saving high street offering

Online shopping certainly has its benefits, but when it comes to timeliness, bricks and mortar shops win hands down, every time. You can’t get a card delivered from online stores on the same day. Greetings cards are sometimes an urgent need, rather than a pre-organised sentiment. Have you ever been in an office where it is suddenly revealed that it is somebody’s birthday that day, and nobody knew? I have, more than once, and I know very well the importance of that lunchtime card dash! Sometimes we forget birthdays and anniversaries(!) until we are reminded the day before – we’re only human, after all. In these cases, shops that sell cards are true lifesavers and their service will be greatly appreciated.

They might be small, but they have big impact

Greetings cards don’t take up much space, either in the storeroom or the shop itself, but are powerful little treasures. The greeting card tradition is still very much alive, and the provision of cards can enrich a customer’s experience. Even if they don’t have much money to spare, perhaps a customer will be able to stretch to a low-cost item like a greeting card to share an important sentiment. For zoos and museum shops, they can be sentimental reminders of a day out. I am constantly hearing from Wild Lines customers who have framed their birthday cards and put them on their walls instead of giving them away!

They bump basket value

As low-cost items that many people buy multiple times every year, greetings cards are excellent ways to bump the value of the shop of somebody who came to your store to buy a gift, or something different entirely. If your shop sells gifts, spying a display of greetings cards can be a very useful reminder that they need to buy a card too (or perhaps even top-up their birthday card box). Even for people who don’t usually send cards, if your greetings card display is curated in line with your customer’s tastes, you might well find they can’t resist buying the cards for the artwork and the knowledge that somebody will love the design. Your customers will leave even more satisfied, having ticked something extra off their list or bought a special (low cost) item for themselves.

They are low-risk products

Greetings cards are low cost and wholesale greeting cards publishers tend to offer them with low minimum order values. They offer high profit margins, too. You can test a selection of greetings cards without breaking the bank and, as they sell relatively quickly, can adjust your collection as you learn which designs and styles resonate best with your customer base. Even if, in the worst case scenario, a series of cards doesn’t sell as well as you’d hoped, you can be sure they will all still sell and soon free up the space for you to try a different selection.


Greetings cards truly are a brilliant addition to shops. They are fantastic for shelf aesthetics and can be key players for engaging customers. A unique collection of greetings cards can put your shop on the map with customers, including those who might not have otherwise explored your product selection. As fast-selling items, they can bump up the value of shoppers’ baskets. What’s more, wholesale greetings cards are low cost and low risk. Most importantly, greetings cards bring joy! They will boost your customers’ mood and foster a sense of connection.

If you’re ready to elevate your shoppers’ retail experience, please reach out. You can flick through the Wild Lines wholesale catalogue and shop wholesale cards online right here on the website.


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