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Charming, fun and eco: Could Wild Lines wholesale cards be the perfect fit for your shop?

Every shelf has the potential to grasp your customers' attention, and what better way to use that opportunity than to welcome a new collection of characterful, fun, and beautifully crafted animal art cards to your shop?

There are tonnes of powerful reasons to sell greetings cards in your shop; in this post, I hope to convince you that some of those greetings cards should be Wild Lines designs. The eco-friendly cards feature intricate hand-drawn animal artwork. Wild Lines greetings cards are charming, bold, sometimes funny, sometimes classy, and always high quality.

British wildlife card collection

The designs are unique and full of character

Animal cards are always popular – whatever the occasion! There is something special about the charm of wildlife, and one of the most common complements I get about my hand-drawn card designs is that they bring out an animal’s unique character. Wild Lines greetings cards feature a whole range of animals, from popular British wildlife species like the hedgehog and little owl (perfect for local wildlife shops!) to more unusual exotic animals, like the aye aye and capybara, which make great options for zoo shops and wildlife parks. The animal card designs are fun and sweet: they are guaranteed to spark a smile.

The cards pop from the shelves

I draw each design by hand using artist’s pens before adding bright touches of watercolour (sometimes with the addition of digital finishes, like coloured backgrounds and gold foil detail). With their bold pops of colour, line-based pen illustrations and simple backgrounds, Wild Lines greeting cards jump out from shop displays. The designs – particularly those in the colour pop collections – stand out among other cards and draw attention to the cards display as a whole.

They are eco-friendly cards

Sustainability is at the heart of Wild Lines and we're very proud to be one of the few greeting card publishers in the UK that uses only recycled card and envelopes. Even the gold foil cards are printed on recycled card (they are recyclable, too!) All cards are provided in compostable sleeves, but we can also send them naked on request. What’s more, all wholesale orders are packed using recyclable materials – even the tape to seal them. We don’t use any single-use plastic in our packaging.

Back of eco-friendly recycled card

They have added conservation value

There aren’t many designs featuring capybaras and pangolins on the wholesale cards market, and we're very proud to include a huge range of unusual, and often endangered, animals in our collections. We love being able to offer cards for zoo and wildlife park gift shops which feature some under-appreciated species as well as the token species like giraffes and gorillas. I think it is at least in part thanks to this variety that Wild Lines is Jersey Zoo’s bestselling card supplier. Each card has the name of the featured species on the back, adding a little extra attention to the unfamiliar species.

They would be a unique offering for your shop

Wild Lines is a small business, based on the Isle of Wight. At the time of writing, our cards are stocked in a range of independent gift shops and zoo shops dotted around the UK. We also sell to customers through the Wild Lines website and Etsy shop. To date, we don’t stock any large chain stores. The business is growing but, for now at least, you are likely to be the only shop in your town stocking the cards.

I am always open to new ideas

I love working closely with wholesale customers and am always excited to hear requests for new designs or product types. If you have regular requests from your customers for a certain type of card or animal that isn’t commonly available, please drop me a message and I will look into designing the perfect card for you. Likewise, if you have any feedback or requests, I will always consider them. I love what I do, but I don’t get to sell my work in person very often – you know best what will sell well and work for your customers.

A display of gold foil wildlife cards

Make the most of wholesale benefits

Wild Lines offers a range of wholesale greeting card collections, including a wide variety of animal-themed Birthday and Christmas card designs. We have around 100 designs in total, including colour pop and gold foil cards. For wholesale orders, we have a minimum order of £100 for the first order and £80 thereafter. If there are any products you would like to trial at lower quantities or you have any other special requests, please just ask.


Have I convinced you to stock Wild Lines greetings cards in your shop? I hope that the characterful and bold designs will bring a hint of wildlife-themed joy to your shelves and raise smiles from your customers every day. They can make a sustainability statement, too, and might even help to introduce people to some fascinating and charming endangered species!

If you’d like to browse our collections, you can find the latest wholesale catalogue right here on the website. We have an online wholesale shop, too; just email (please include your shop name) and I will send over the password.


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