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Great crested newt Christmas card

Great crested newt Christmas card


Spread joy and spark a smile this holiday season with the unique and charming newt Christmas card!


  • The hand-drawn great crested newt design coupled with bold pops of festive watercolour (in this case, some pond weed decorated as a Christmas tree!) is guaranteed to capture the hearts of your loved ones.

    The animal art Christmas card is perfect for those who embrace the unconventional and wish to add a touch of fun to their Christmas greetings this year. Whether you're sending holiday cheer to fellow wildlife enthusiasts or simply looking to surprise someone with a truly exceptional card, the Wild Lines newt Christmas card might just be the perfect choice.

    The UK's great crested newt is of particular conservation importance. The species is the largest newt in Britain and has existed for a whopping 40 million years. Despite being protected under European law, populations have been declining over the last century.

    Conservation organisations are working to protect the newt by collaborating with farmers, landowners and planners to maintain and improve newt habitat. If you’d like to encourage newts into your garden, consider creating a compost heap and log pile as well as a pond.

    The Christmas card is as eco friendly as possible; it is made using recycled board and packaged with a recycled envelope. We can send the card naked or in a compostable sleeve - the choice is yours.

    Printed by a specialist company in the UK, the print quality is brilliant and the card durable. I am always delighted to hear from customers (and card recipients!) who choose to frame their greeting cards and hang them on their walls!

    - Square 14.8 x 14.8cm (5.8 x 5.8in)
    - Eco-friendly card made of recycled board
    - Naked or packed in a compostable sleeve
    - Blank inside for your own message

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