Sumatran orangutan

Sumatran orangutan


A high quality, signed A4 print of my Sumatran orangutan pen drawing, ready to be framed and hung in the perfect spot in your home.


For every Endangered print sold, a tree will be planted in the Albertine Rift forests of Uganda as part of a wildlife habitat restoration project in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute

  • Conservation story

    Orangutans are fruit-eaters that hang around in tropical rainforests. The males are the largest tree-dwelling animals on Earth. The Sumatran orangutan, one of three orang species, used to be distributed across Sumatra and in northern Java. Now, it is classed as critically endangered because of its restricted range in northern Sumatra.

    The Sumatran orangutan is facing several big threats. Their habitat is being lost rapidly thanks to the conversion of forests to agriculture - including dreaded palm oil plantations. There are also lots of forest fires in Sumatra (often deliberately started to clear land), and orangutans are still being illegally taken from the wild to be kept in households as status symbols.

    Conservation organisations are fighting for the protection of these unique apes. They are working hard to slow down further deforestation and conserve swathes of important orangutan habitat. One of the best small changes you can make is to try and reduce your palm oil consumption. 

  • Product information

    This listing is for the print only; it does not include a mount or frame.

    Your print will be protected by a sheet of greyboard and packaged in compostable film.

    Dimensions: 21.0 x 29.7cm (8.27 x 11.69in).

    Ready to dispatch in 1–3 business days from the United Kingdom.

    Returns and exchanges accepted (terms and conditions apply - please see the policy page).