Sand lizard Christmas card

Sand lizard Christmas card


One of the UK’s rarest and most beautiful lizards, the sand lizard is found in limited dry, sandy dune and lowland heath areas of southern and western England and Wales.


A considerable amount of the sand lizard’s dune habitat has been lost since the 18th century. Sand dunes are incredibly important systems for many species in the UK. Unfortunately, they are also very volatile – as humans change the structure of the land around them, the natural processes that maintain the dunes are disrupted and the habitat degraded. 


Conservation organisations have been working to maintain and expand populations of sand lizards and their habitat in England and Wales. Their hard work is paying off and sand lizard populations have now been restored in 11 counties.


- 14.8 x 14.8cm (5.8 x 5.8in)
- Recycled card and envelope
- Biodegradable cellophane sleeve
- Blank inside for your own message