The Hero

The Hero


The original, signed, A4 honey bee pen drawing, ready to be framed and hung in the perfect spot in your home.

  • Conservation story

    This is a honey bee - a species so amazing it’s hard to pick just a couple of facts to share with you! But you don’t have all day, so you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve narrowed it down and done just that.

    1. When a worker bee returns to the hive, it performs a ‘waggle dance’, which involves trotting around in a figure of eight while jiggling it’s floof in the direction of good food.

    2. There is only one queen in a hive and when she dies, the colony selects a baby bee to take over her duty. They feed the chosen larva royal jelly, which enables her to grow into a fertile leader.

    You might have heard of colony collapse disorder; honey bees have been deserting their hives around the world for around 15 years and nobody knows quite why.

    There are things you can do to help! Lavender and bluebells are great for bees, but any nectar-rich flowers you can plant in your garden will help these guys to thrive. In urban areas fragmented by gardens, small steps taken by lots of households can make the world of difference for important species like bees.

  • Product information

    This listing is for the original drawing only; it does not include a mount or frame. If you would like it mounted, please drop me an email and I can arrange this for a small additional cost.

    Your original will be protected by a sheet of greyboard and packaged in compostable film, along with a certificate of authenticity.

    Dimensions: 21.0 x 29.7cm (8.27 x 11.69in).

    Ready to dispatch in 1–3 business days from the United Kingdom.

    Returns and exchanges accepted (terms and conditions apply - please see the policy page).