The Enchanter

The Enchanter


The original, signed, A4 aye aye pen drawing, ready to be framed and hung in the perfect spot in your home.

  • Conservation story

    The aye aye is an endangered species of lemur. If there was such a thing as a mammalian woodpecker, the aye aye would be wearing that badge. The unique primate uses its extra-long middle finger to tap on the bark of trees in its native Madagascan forest to locate and pick out grubs.

    Unfortunately, like for most lemurs, the aye aye’s future is uncertain. Deforestation across Madagascar poses a serious threat - and aye ayes are still persecuted because local legend portrays them as harbingers of evil.

    Breeding programmes have been established across the world’s zoos to protect the species and learn more about the elusive, nocturnal animal’s behaviour and requirements. Of course, educational programmes are also ongoing in Madagascar, where conservationists are working to change the way the local population views their precious woodpecking lemur. 

  • Product information

    This listing is for the original drawing only; it does not include a mount or frame. If you would like it mounted, please drop me an email and I can arrange this for a small additional cost.

    Your original will be protected by a sheet of greyboard and packaged in compostable film, along with a certificate of authenticity.

    Dimensions: 21.0 x 29.7cm (8.27 x 11.69in).

    Ready to dispatch in 1–3 business days from the United Kingdom.

    Returns and exchanges accepted (terms and conditions apply - please see the policy page).