2021 wildlife calendar

2021 wildlife calendar


Remember when you flung your 2020 calendar out of the nearest window in March? No, me neither. It's but a distant memory. The new year is coming, and we're going to be ready for it. It's time to get organised with the new Wild Lines calendar!

The A4 calendar includes 12 popular wildlife illustrations from my 'Endangered' series. 15% of profits will be donated to Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

  • Charity donation

    Now, I'm not saying that 2021 won't go to plan - it definitely will - but just in case there's a meteor or some other gigantic, unexpected, normal-life-destroying disaster, you can stay snug. Snug in that warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing that by investing in the Wild Lines calendar, not only did you make a small business owner do a happy dance, but you also contributed to the ongoing work of the wonderful wildlife conservation charity, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

    Durrell is one of the most impressive players when it comes to saving species from extinction. They have teams positioned all over the globe, including those working with the Livingstone's fruit bat, mountain chicken frog, western lowland gorilla and Sumatran orangutan - all stunningly special species featured in this year's calendar. Like all wildlife charities, they have been heavily impacted by Covid, so every little helps to ensure their amazing work can continue.