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The gift that gives back

Contribute to wildlife conservation charity with the 2023 Wildlife Calendar

Each year, I choose a conservation charity to donate a proportion of profits from calendar sales to. For the 2023 wall calendar, 10% of profits from sales via my website and Etsy shop will be going directly to Traffic - a wildlife charity leading the way in combating the illegal wildlife trade.

The illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products is a monumental global issue that is threatening some of the species at most risk of extinction. It is a huge conservation challenge that is being tackled from all angles, including with human behaviour change projects, work with governments, NGOs and law enforcement, education and outreach, and conservation technology development.

So not only does the 2023 Wild Lines wildlife art calendar make a lovely gift, you (and the recipient!) can feel warm in the knowledge that you have contributed to an incredible cause.

The calendar features 12 popular pieces of hand-drawn wildlife art. Many of the animals included are endangered and their conservation status is noted on each page.

Each illustration was originally drawn using artists' pens in tiny lines or dots (depending on the texture of the skin/fur/feathers) before being scanned and allotted a bold coloured background. The artwork is brimming with character and charm, brightening a room and raising smiles all around.

From the adorable polar bear cub to the majestic African painted dog and unusual, alien-like axolotl, you will find a great range of stunning animals inside.

To see more photos and take a video tour of the inside, head to to 2023 Wildlife Calendar page. Calendars are £15.99 including free UK delivery.


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